Photo by Severin Schweiger
VocaMe is an ensemble made up of four renowned female vocalists from the field of early music, directed and accompanied by Michael Popp.

The ensemble created a sensation with its first project, the world’s first recording of the hymns of Kassia, a ninth-century Byzantine female composer and has recently released a CD of the works of Hildegard von Bingen to much critical acclaim.


ESTAMPIE was founded in 1985 by Sigrid Hausen, Ernst Schwindl, and Michael Popp. Since then, the group has produced 10 Albums as well as a DVD to date and have developed themselves as some of the top international representatives of Medieval Music . They have performed world wide and have appeared on numerous Radio and Television Programs. Moreover, ESTAMPIE has transcended over numerous genres including Dance, Theater, and Performance. Throughout the years, the group has been ever evolving, involving over 60 musicians from different musical and cultural backgrounds.


Combining electronic elements with medieval texts and instruments, Qntal answers the question of what medieval music would sound like if it were made today.  Elements of pop music, avant garde, neo-classical, and film music swim together in the dreamy sound of this band that defined a genre.


“Early Music with attitude and style”.  Together with early music specialist Michael Popp and virtuoso guitarist and lutenist Thomas Etschmann, the ensemble Barquilla breathes new life into the wonderful melodies of the Medieval, Renaissance, and early Baroque periods.

Recital Story Programs:

Combining her love of performing with classic melodies throughout the centuries, Sarah M. Newman together with pianist Stephanie Knauer present a unique recital experience in storytelling through song.  Programs can be presented in either English or German.

Casanovas Women

Giacomo Casanova.  The name itself has become a synonym for a “womanizer” or “player”.  Throughout all the places he has travelled to, from his birthplace in Venice to Russia, and everywhere in between including the city of Augsburg, Casanova seduced countless women regardless of race or class.

But what was it about these women that caught his eye?  What was it about them that made him rise to the challenge of conquering their hearts?  In an evening full of song, soprano Sarah M. Newman and pianist Stephanie Knauer will offer a glimpse at some of the most important women in Casanova’s life.  From the love of his life, the aristocrat on the run Henriette, to the nun M. M. with a scandalous secret, and several others.  Sarah M. Newman takes on the roles of these women and tell the story of the notorious seducer through their eyes, aided by music spanning from the Renaissance period all the way to the contemporary.

Come Again, Sweet Love

Love always seems to pass in and out of our lives.  When one relationship ends, we find ourselves wondering when the next will come.  Told through music spanning from Dowland to Mozart, Sarah M. Newman and Stephanie Knauer tell a modern love story with all the trials and tribulations such a story entails…

If Love’s a Sweet Passion…

Why does it torment? A girl with her head full of the dreams of the perfect Hollywood romance suddenly finds herself faced with what looks like the real thing! But are some things too good to be true?  Told through music spanning from Dowland to Schubert Sarah M. Newman and Stephanie Knauer tell another modern love story  warning us all to be careful what we wish for…


Tambosi Opera:

A dinner opera theater with heart and humor!  Guests are treated to a 5 course menu where in between each course, they are presented with an act of a show thematically revolving around Munich with arias and scenes from the world’s most beloved operas.



Munich Philharmonic Choir

Capella Cathedralis (Frauenkirche, Munich)

St. Peter Chamber Choir



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